11/03/2018 Sunday Pt-2

9:12 PM Boring and lame Day.
Woke up feeling like shit. Felt better by afternoon. Evening was even worse. I was on the edge But managed to keep good self control as not to snap at anybody.
I’ve always been told that I am an angry woman and Ive learnt to manage my anger issues a lot in past few years. I think being a mom has made me calmer and more patient.
I’m so tired right because I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I stayed up thinking all sort of things. I hate sleepless nights like that.
I’m so tired but my little one woke up of a 2 hours nap like 3 hrs ago. I don’t think he will sleep any time soon. He is all so active and energetic.
I want to try to wake up feeling good tomorrow as well. It’s something I’ve been trying to do for a very long time. I get it done very rarely though. Most of my mornings are very depressive. I want to change that. I’ll keep trying. 

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