Another day passed in which a few things have been highlighted like for starters, my father, i believe that something is defiantly  wrong with this man! i mean come on ever since my mother and i lived for 3 months away from him a  different country for studying issues, its like he transferred into a totally different human! Its like he became sort of heartless, like he doesn’t even care anymore about whether or not we are happy, before he used to be happy whenever we went out and bought a lot of stuff but now he doesnt even want us to spend money on freaking grocery like what are we supposed to not eat too??? he says if u dont NEED it they dont buy it, this became his new motto, i think that if it wasnt necessary to get sanitary pads he wouldnt! i really dont understand what is happening with him because if he as going through a financial difficulty he would surely let us know but so far when he wants something he buys it but not us, like he just recently bought a new police watch which is freaking expensive!!! I wish i could understand what is happening with him, when we question him he acts like he doesnt know what we are talking about! What is even more disturbing is that when i told him about a job opportunity that pays good money  he refused to even allow me to go to the interview!! My father has always had a mind of his own never sharing his thoughts and being completely content following his mind without thinking ho what he is doing might affect others living with him!

That was my father, I  dont even remember the other things that were highlighted but anyways just think about it gives me a headache! good night ya’ll 🙂 hope u had a better day than mine!

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