I went to a dentist this Saturday and she’s a amazing dentist she just opened up her own place but she was at another dentist office before. It’s all women at her office that’s what I love about it they’re so nice but the news was bad. My dentist told me I have to get all my teeth on top pulled out and get dentures because they were so bad. My bottom teeth isn’t bad at all just need one pulled because it’s bad I feel embarrassed my parents said they would help with a thousand dollars. I didn’t know until yesterday I had to get dentures on top which would cost a smacking 4,000 dollars my mom said she would help me try to find the money. I honestly hate asking my parents through for the money because I feel really guilty I know that they need their money to pay off bills and stuff. My mom asked my dad about trying to get the money for me maybe going get a loan and today he’s been non-stop showing his ass cussing her out, yelling at her and calling her names. It just started with her trying to help me out I feel bad about it he told her he wanted a divorce that he didn’t want her to have his last name. He’s called a bitch said she was retarded said she doesn’t care about him all of that because she was just trying to help me out. I love her a lot for that but the way he’s acting is uncalled for you shouldn’t treat someone like that especially someone you’re married too. I’m scared of my dad so I don’t ever say anything.

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