Journal #1

I have this crush lets call him Jake. Jake is my best friend, but he does not know I still like him. I watch him watch girls like there the only thing he’s ever seen like he doesn’t care about me.  He only cares about me when he thinks I’m mad and it’s always about him. I can’t sleep without thinking about him. When will he ever notice me? I’m scared to tell him how I feel because then that will ruin our friendship. If I tell him how I feel that he will think I’m weird and go off to his friends and tell them all about it. I really need help on what to do. He doesn’t see me the way I see him it makes me sad and scared that if I wait too long then I will lose my chance. I’m about to cry to just the thought of losing him he is really special to me. But I can even see that some of my friends even like him I don’t know what to do. My family and I are maybe moving soon, so I guess when I move that I should tell him how I feel. If I wait then he will be gone. I need help on what to do I’m scared to do something to ruin what we have. I hate to say it but I Love Him.

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