Day vs. Night

What can I say. This drive was….an adventure for my emotions. I was terrified once we set out on the highway. Well, not really. It was once we left my city is when I became terrified. 30 minutes into the drive I relaxed, and realized it was just like driving in town. But a thousand times easier. Long, open road. Surrounded by beautiful mountains. Its a wonder why I didn’t do this sooner. I didn’t drive the whole 218 miles. Just 113 of them. I wanted to drive the whole way, but my love thought it was best we didn’t over do it. 

Boy did I feel like big girl lol. Chest puffed out, head held high, and a whole new ” I can do anything” attitude. That changed once we got into the big city. five lane highways. Cars zooming in, and out without any regard for other drivers. I knew I hated driving in cities, but this shit was unbelievable. I drove a little here, and there, but he did most of the driving. I am too passive, and we would have missed every exit we needed to take, if I were driving. That experience put my “big girl”driver to a halt. The icing on the cake was the surprise he had waiting for me when it was time to go home. 

It was about an hour before the sun was going to set. He drove us out of town, and to a gas station right out of the city. I was to get into the driver seat, and take it from there. The sun had set by this time. I was mortified. Not because of the driving, but because I couldn’t see a got damn thing. I wear glasses folks. Not all the time, but mostly for when reading, working, and driving at night. They DO NOT help when driving at night. So….I avoid it 99% of the time. Through all of my pleading, and stuttering and explaining how blind I am at night, I was still made (asked) to drive. 

So, I took the wheel and drove us out of the mini town we stopped in, and back onto the highway. 30 minutes in, I was still trying to focus my breathing. 45 minutes in, I was squealing that I couldn’t see the lines. (The weather was great by the way) but for some reason, the lines on the side of the road kept flashing in and out of my vision, and things started to get blurry. I pretty much worked myself up. Now, I didn’t panic to where I was swerving all over the road. That’s just ridiculous, and those people shouldn’t drive at all. So anyways, I found a safe spot to pull over and we switched. I was completely disgusted in myself the rest of the way home. He offered words of encouragement, and told me it was the lights from the cars behind me, that messed up my vision. I just sulked in my weakness. The worst part about it all was that he wasn’t feeling well, and still drove us the rest of the way. 

I guess this started as a success, and ended as an epic failure. I suppose all I can do now is try again. 

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