Its been two weeks now I have been working to make VHM (Values, Habits & mindset). There are so many self help books out there and some of them are actually very good but just reading them won’t help but often times they make you feel bad about yourself (al least they are doing to me).

Here are my VHM I will going to practice them & want to instill them in me (Insha Allah – GOD wILLING).

1: Religion 
2: Faith
3: Integrity (criticise, condemn complain & justify rule) [Death is a beautiful lady rule]
4: Character (A Quitter never wins __ and__ A Winner never quits)
5: Face Value (don’t take anyone on face value, specially in professional life)
6: Purity
7: No Taunt | Back Biting | say good things to other (bhali baat)
8: Giver is better than taker (do good things to other without return )
9: No I,I,I (be a good listener) & don’t put anyone down

Habits: (daily)
1: 5 prayers + Quran
2: Exercise & GYM
3: Healthy Diet & drink plenty water
4: Self learning Read every day, keep learning something new
5: Eat Home cooked food more

1: Essentialism (focus on things which are essential, don’t major in minor activities)
2: Growth mindset 
3: Live in the present

Will write about what I actually mean about above for my reference.

Stay Blessed
Don’t hurt anyone.(learn hard way)

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