3/12/18 — finally I got some sleep!

Wow, I’m actually awake early in the morning. That’s a first. Yesterday was a pretty eventful day.

First I hung out with Dwayne. Sucked his dick and made him cum in less than a minute. I feel accomplished.

Not long after that Marcus and I hung out. Together the two of us plus his buddy Chancy put what little money we had and got us some weed and a can of beer that we shared. Definitely not enough to make me drunk. But damn, I got pretty fucking high. We smoked in Marcus’s truck in the parking lot at Chancy’s apartment complex.

After we were done, Chancy got out, then Marcus brought me home. I’m a little upset that we didn’t fool around, but I’m not complaining. I got high and I got to fall asleep early because of it. I honestly can’t remember what time I fell asleep. Pretty sure it was before midnight though.

Today…not sure what’s gonna be happening today. So I’ll end this journal entry now.

9:22 AM

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  1. Sorry for how little I wrote about in here. Basically was bored, forgot to write an entry yesterday so figured why not, but didn’t want to spend too long typing this up. Plus I wanted to get straight and to the point with this one.

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