Matchmaking for Jonina

Today, I went to school only to have my class suspended by my professor two hours after the class time. It’s a little crazy.

It was a little crazier when I messaged one of my frat brothers and asked him if he’s single. It was a bit of struggle doing that and it actually took my days thinking how I was going to do it! I used to have a big crush on him so I think that’s another factor though. But! I have a boyfriend already so I tried not to make it a big deal haha. 

He didn’t seem to take the bait though. Like, I showed him her Facebook account and I couldn’t read his reaction. He just said that “she should go out more to meet other people”. I guess thats a no. Haha. And! I noticed that its actually very smart of him, he never really admitted that he’s single so I dunno– maybe he’s seeing someone. 

Anyway, I hope Jonina finds a good guy. She pretty and kind. Its just, she’s an introvert so she doesn’t really go out the house. She meets her guys online and a lot of them are jerks and bums. 

I’ve been single myself for 26 years. I was used to being the third wheel– actually I’m the last one who had a boy friend. I consider my boyfriend now as my first boyfriend. Prior to him, I’ve met bad guys, married guys and fuck boys so I don’t have a good record with relationships. The guy I met before my current boyfriend ended up being a woman-beater. He never had the chance to beat me though. We only stayed together for a month before I left him. All the guys before him where attempts to have a relationship disguised as flings. I wanted to be in a relationship. I just didn’t know how. Sometimes, it amazes how I ended up having my boyfriend now.

My boyfriend now is my exact opposite. He’s a homebody and one of the most introverted guys that I know. He ground and secure. He’s not the bad-boy type I used to go out with. He’s not the dashing, masculine, take-you-off-your-feet kind of prince. He’s the I’ll-be-here kind of guy. 

Many think (including my own mother) that I might grow tired of him. Sometimes I’m afraid that I’ll think that way too. But he has been the most stable thing in my every erratic life that I think he was given to me precisely because he is the home I’ve looking for ever since. 

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