Well, last night I had a coming to Jesus talk with Ian.  When I told him that his sex drive better increase or I was looking somewhere else he came unglued.   I had gotten dressed and was going to go sleep at a shelter because of that and because some asshole has decided to threaten me and Ian because I didn’t send him $85 to cast a spell for me.  I backed out because he was acting squirrelly.  He wanted me to just send it Western Union with just the name of the country he lives in.  He wouldn’t give me a specific address, why I don’t know.  It took me 4 days to convince this asshole that WU wouldn’t send the money with just the name of the country and no address or name.  I backed out and he started attacking Ian and me both by spiritually standing between us in the form of a dark entity trying to drive a wedge between us.  I told him to back off and leave us alone and then he started threatening violence mainly toward me.  I wanted to go stay in a shelter last night to try to draw anyone watching us away from Ian.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him come that unhinged.  He said he  could at least protect me here.  I tried to explain to him he couldn’t protect me from a gun.  When we had our little coming to Jesus meeting he came unglued that I was leaving and going to the shelter for the night.  I ended up relenting and staying after our little talk.  I made it perfectly clear, he steps up or I’m looking else ware for sex.  At first he had a large sex drive like I did then it just stopped with him saying he couldn’t keep up. That’s when I started suspecting him cheating with his ex girlfriend.  I’ve been told by a friend that they are just friends and not to worry about all the texting. I’ve never seen such a look of panic on his face.   It was almost endearing.  I can’t help but be gun shy given the fact every man I’ve dated and had some kind of relationship has cheated on me including my ex husband.  He did say he was glad he wasn’t sleeping alone tonight.  He’s been such a sweetheart all morning showing me all kinds of affection.  We’re just going to wait and see about the sex drive. 

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