I’m not arrogant

I’ve been adjusted to being alone

solving problems on my own

afraid to be (too) dependent

the moment I start asking

for your assistance


I know my pride’s still bigger

than my common sense

I know my walls have already been torn down

Now they’re just debris on the ground


Maybe I need to change

some of my old habits

They might make you cringe

I’m still learning to admit

some do need rearranged


Maybe I’m still a cold cynic

somewhere deep down inside

Can you see I’m afraid

to let myself get weak?

This transformation leaves me feeling weird



my hands are still trembling

trying to reach out

to where you are

despite the ghosts of doubts


What’s happening to me?

Where’s the girl I used to be?

I’m half-expecting you to choose

either “fight or flight”

if my flaws turn out to be

nothing but a frightening sight



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