He was up all night and I’m not sure what time he came to bed.  I don’t think it was for very long.  He didn’t have any beer and is dting off of it until he gets his tax refund back and can buy more.  I hope that’s the only reason he stayed up all night.  I’m afraid he was on the phone all night texting.  I want to look but he’s sleeping really light because he doesn’t have alcohol in his system.  I’m tempted to go to the store and get him some more but I need all the money I’ve got for food for the next two weeks.  I love him and I don’t want to lose him.  We had a good talk last night about his lousy sex drive.  I told him somethings got to give or I’m going to look elseware  for sex.  He freaked out.  He keeps telling me that he really likes me and doesn’t want to lose me.  He says sex with me is really good….that we’re a perfect fit.  He says he hasn’t even thought of going back on AFF to troll for someone else.  I know he hasn’t because I’ve checked.  I don’t think he’s physically cheating on me but I think he’s emotionally cheating on me.  There hasn’t been any sex chat or any chance of them getting back together right now.  She’s pregnant and hasn’t said whose it is but they’re picking out baby names, Irish baby names.

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