Sunday March 11th

52 days of school left. The 7th grade has a field trip on Friday, but I think only 22 are signed up to go so far, so it probably won’t make my day any better. I was really looking forward to it- I thought I was going to get rid of most of those kids. Ugh. I will ask them tomorrow how many are going. I did get my class work that is due on Tuesday finished. I also did one of the next week assignments. I don’t think this class is going to be too demanding, just a bunch of pain in the ass work. 

All I want to do is lay on my couch and watch ER. That’s it. I don’t feel like doing anything else. I was mildly suicidal today. Ha. That’s my life- I can gage my depression based on how badly I want to kill myself. Saturday was worse than today. I watched probably 15 hours of ER this weekend, at least. I did get my work done for my class, at least. I didn’t go over to my school today and do anything, though. I kind of have a plan for the next couple weeks for the 6th graders. That takes some of the heat off. After spring break, track will start for real, and it will be rough. Tryouts are this Thursday and Friday after school. I wish I hadn’t agreed to help her with it. 

I FB messaged a former colleague today that is currently a principal in another district. I wanted to know how hard it was for him to get a job. I feel like it will be difficult to get a job any place but the school where you teach. It seems that most places hire their teachers for ap jobs. Unless you get lucky like Chad and your bff gets a principal job and hires you. I really don’t think I have a shot in hell of getting a job strictly on my merit. I don’t think anyone does, to be honest. I think it’s all politics. I am going to talk to both of the guys at my current school that have their admin cert to find out if they have been actively trying to get a job. 

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