[219] ~*Tue – 03/13/18*~

[11:14 pm]

Well… I’m currently at the hospital and have been for the past four hours. I haven’t seen a doc yet and who knows when I will. I got here and the ER was pack full so it was a six hours wait. I was going to wait but I can’t do this anymore. I finally went to sleep at like 1 am last night and only got out of bed at like 2 pm today. I was sorta done sleeping around 10:30 am when I had a look at the time but since it was my day off, I wanted to just stay in bed.

We had an apt at the bank for 3 pm so yea. My intention was to go get our taxes done afterward but we didn’t do it. We went to my friend’s to try and fix her PC but could’t. She’s gonna have to buy a new one. We then wanted to go see a movie but I felt so exhausted that I didn’t think it was a good idea. I more than likely would of fallen asleep there. I just wanted to go home, back to bed and I had only been up for like four hours. Ridiculous! So yea, I finally decided to come to the hospital to get checked out. I have a feeling they will send me home with nothing like usual. Blah! My chest just feels so tight and I feel out of breath just by talking. My throat is full and I’d want to puke up some mucus but it feels like too much work and I don’t have the energy. I just really hope they’re going to be able to give me something that will work cause even these antibiotics doesn’t seem to be working.

So for the past four hours I’ve been going back and forth from reading my book and playing my farming game. I wish I could watch shows on my phone so I could stay all caught up but the connection is blocking me from watching. Oh well!




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