Day 5

So unfortunately I haven’t been able to write a post for a few days, I’ve been extremely busy packing and clearing out my things for my big move.

However, I’m still smoke free and today is day 5! The cravings yesterday and today were super strong, I found that last night was probably the hardest to resist after dinner. Today I’m home all day, I had to walk to the shops to buy a couple of groceries and again, not picking up a pack of cigarettes while there was difficult. 

I have this faint headache almost constantly and I don’t feel as though my breath is necessarily “fresher”, but when at work I’m not constantly backing away from people because I’ve just been out for a smoke! I’ve also saved roughly $150! I was told a few months ago that this year the government plans to gradually raise the price of cigarettes to reach $5 a cigarette. I’ve already noticed big increases and it’s only March, so if you’re reading this and need more motivation to quit other than the obvious health benefits I’d say that’s a big one!! 

Im super excited for the one week mark now which is only two days away, and in 10 days I fly out to Hong Kong to visit my dad, big exciting changes lie ahead least of all my smoke free life! 

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