Ian has been a perfect gentleman all day.  Carried the groceries in, drove to the store.  He even cooked dinner tonight, again.  This makes 4 days in a row.  Talked to a psychic today who seemed credible.  She nailed Ian right on the head.  She said he had very strong feelings for me but wasn’t sure what he wanted.  I’m going to try to wait it out for a little bit longer to see what happens.  She didn’t see anyone else in his life either cheating or a romantic interest.  Just me.  I brought it up about the ex girlfriend and him still texting her.  Apparently she’s just a friend and the psychic said she could understand me being jealous of her.  The woman is trying to get him back but apparently she’s going to be totally unsuccessful. 

2 thoughts on “gentleman”

  1. a man will do anything to get in your pants.Start talking about living together and having kids and a house and bills and watch him run.Find a man who really wants to love you for more than your body.Not a man who will carry in groceries every blue moon or do a small act of kindness once a year.You deserve better

  2. We are living together and he’s already in my pants.

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