Idk 1

OK so,I have decided to name my entries idk1,idk2 and so on till I don’t have an appropriate title. Bear with me 

So,beginning with alhumdulillah, cuz I got my id card,yay! And that too with out going to ITC. Yeah,I went to DC office to ask smth and her assistant goes ,”here’s ur card too” I was so thankful! 

But I haven’t received my refund yet and for that i ll have to write another application. And get it signed from ITC n then I can get my refund. Even tho I have my ID card,I might have to go from faculty gate again. Cuz I’m going with my friends to a technical expo. I don’t like “technical” expos but anything to getaway from the monotonous routine, I need a respite. My group and another friend is going, who is going only cuz of me and my sister. 

And yeah,If it weren’t prohibited in Islam, I would have been not alive by now. Cuz I have 0 interest in life n people. There’s only a few things or people I have interest in but,you know things happen and I have to learn to detach my emotions and expectations and that’s a painful process. It almost renders u incapable to do pretty much everything. And when u have duties in life,that’s not a good thing. I’m trying to deceive my mind about a few things,hope I succeed. I will,IA. I’m gonna tell myself a fee lies,my mind will accept one day. This is a trick ik to make things easier for myself. Idk where this will go. It’s unpredictable and idk. scares me sometimes. Need to set my priorities straight too. It’s not so good to be so careless about yourself and my sisters tell me that I am. Gonna try to change it. Let’s see. 

Have a good day! 

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