Rainy Tuesday

Raining and skate got called off. So I don’t get to enjoy this tonight 🙁

That sucks!

Damn, Tuesday night skate got really cancelled tonight. It feels super weird cause I found myself not knowing what to do for the rest of the night lol. Got so used to skate around the DTLA on Tuesdays.

Work till 6 PM and took a Lyft back home since the street was still wet and been working on the side project 😉 Finally got my data structure up but still need to review it. Today, I finally join the gym down the street from the office called Muscle mechanic and worked out for an hour on my lunch break. Seems to be working out really great. Felt so much better after working out. I really missed this feeling. $85 per month for the membership doesn’t sound that bad anymore. Excited to work out tomorrow already since I don’t get to skate tonight…

Raining is good but please not on Tuesday or Friday…

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