Reckless love !!!!!!

Ahhhhhh, God has a reckless love!! He will do whatever it takes to bring you back into his kingdom.  He seeks out the prodigal. He leaves the 99 for the 1. I am in awe of you Lord.  Such a busy day.  Had a great night at CR.  I had someone come up to me and tell me that he was reading someones testimony and it was almost like he was reading about me. It just so happen to be the creator of CR that he was reading about. God surely does use each of us to speak into one anothers lives. That is why I appreciate CR so much. So much support from one another. I ended up going to the shop until after midnight. Now I am writing some of this down before I go to bed. I am excited for all that God is positioning me for. I am also excited that my family WILL be a part of it. My beautiful, strong, God fearing bride will accompany on this journey. We will be each others strength and we will edify one another until we pass from this earth. I can make my bride feel very loved and happy. This I know for sure.  Thank you Lord for opening my eyes when I submitted fully to you. I owe you my life!!! Please watch over my family while we are apart. I know that you are working miraculously behind the scenes. This I am confident of. Blessing, glory, honor, power and might will forever be yours Lord!!!!!  I love you Lord!!!  

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