They Slipped Me a Piggy *SMH*

I’m fuming right now. I ordered two egg and cheese croissants from BK like I always do, but today they decided to serve me swine. They gave me one egg and cheese and one bacon egg and cheese. I didn’t know the second one had bacon on it because it was hidden, which really looked suspect to me. It wasn’t protruding from the sandwich like bacon normally does. Someone folded it so I wouldn’t be able to see it unless I inspected the sandwich before I ate it. I didn’t even go to eat the second one until just now when I got hungry, so I’m just now finding out about it.

I can’t go over there for another three hours to complain. I’m on the overnight shift with my work tonight because I had to take that time out earlier today to go to the interview. I’m upset, though. Yeah, I spit it out AND brushed my teeth AND sanitized my mouth AND prayed for forgiveness for not looking out for myself as soon as I tasted the poison.

No swine is supposed to enter my mouth or even touch my hands at any time. I’m disgusted right now, but I know I’m not going to be punished for someone else’s error/trickery. There is such thing as grace for situations like this, but I can’t keep letting stuff like that happen without checking.

That’s enough to make me stop eating all fast foods. If I can’t trust them not to serve me something that they know I don’t want to eat, then I don’t want to eat there at all. I’m a regular who orders the same food all the time. The workers were not new, so draw your own conclusion about the mystery bacon.

I was going to return their swine sandwich and ask them to make me an EGG and CHEESE like I asked for. I don’t even want another sandwich now. I just want to give them back their poison and tell them thanks a lot. See, that’s why I won’t work for fast food stores that serve pork. What they did to me, I could never do that to one of my people knowing what I know now, not even if they wanted the pork.

It’s time for me to go back to making my own green smoothies and cooking my own stuff. It’s not worth the risk to do fast food. 

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