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I’m writing this to show that as crazy as it sounds there is  a way out. A way out of what?, out of the marriage I am no longer happy in, out of the line for in-n-out, out of the ticket I “accidently” got from going onto the toll rode? A way out of the shit show you may call a life. Now I’m not trying to be negative but we’re human there is no avoiding a negative, i’m simply just telling you what I had learned. A few months ago I uhm had an accident because I simply was not ready to become an adult. I had packed my life away come October 2017  to move from California to New York City and I wanted adventure, I was young and full of dreams. I was doing fine except for the fact that I had no one to talk to for 3,00o miles and I had been diagnosed with around three different mental illness’. Terrified I tried to suck up my shy, tough girl demeanor and make some friends, I had made a few but I felt no connection with them, I felt as though I was going to get hurt by them or something which had usually happened 

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