Yes, you and you too

Yesterday I finished work and got the train home, as normal, P was coming over for dinner. I spent my train journey chatting to L as he was on his way to work, I finally found out what he sounds like, and even got an elusive message from S.
S… After our ‘catch up’ on Saturday, I didn’t hear from him. I saw him Monday morning, briefly said hello and that’s where it ends. This is the only reason I’m interested, because I’m not getting any attention. I know that before when he would text me every morning to tell me that he hoped I had a nice day, that although I would smile, I would also cringe. Apparently now, ‘being careful’ means radio silence. Either way, his message asked if I needed waking up in the morning… for a rendez-vous, of course. I declined, he expressed his disappointment and that was that. In true snarky fashion I impulsively followed with, “Speak to you next week then…” He thought I was being funny. You shouldn’t have introduced me to L, I was happy enough but now I’ve got somebody who wants everything you do, and to date me too.

L. I’m not hoping for anything to happen but it’s nice to pretend. He’s a lot younger, we were born in the same decade so that’s different. To be honest although I was never looking for it, it’s quite nice to have somebody who’s actually interested in getting to know me as a person too. Yesterday he asked if I’d ever let him take me on a date, and I said yes. Why not? In reality though, I’m not sure what for. He’s engaged with children. Dead ends.

I had just woken up, kissed P goodbye, and opened a morning text from L when I started writing this. I sent him a photo and he replied, “You’d be leaving that house all flushed if I were there”. I laughed and he followed with, “meant to say you look stunning and those eyes I could look into for days.”

The intention was sex, but we’ve been talking since the mid-end of January and we still haven’t met. He wants to go for coffee this week. Maybe this evening. That’s not sex and even when I teased him he said, “I thought it might make you more relaxed, we can see how it goes.”

I’m starting to think that he might actually be an OK guy.

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