I didn’t even waste my time going to the BK to return the bad sandwich. I just threw it out and said my peace in a quick review. End of story. I’m done with it.

I fooled with the car for about 30 minutes today. I went over everything again. I see nothing electrical that I hooked up wrong. The problem doesn’t appear to be the 02 sensor, and it doesn’t seem to be the CMP or the crankshaft position sensor either. I’m starting to get really piffed at this point, but I think I’m going to do the EGR valve next.

All the stuff that I haven’t changed on the car is original stuff, including the EGR valve. It’s old. Everything’s old.

I’ve researched a little bit every day, and I’ve come across many stories from people who tried everything, just like I’m doing, and then they finally gave their verdict of, “Oh, after all that, it was the EGR.” The symptoms matched mine. That doesn’t mean I’m right. It just means that the probability of me being right is high. 

See, I’m not the only person who tries to do trial-and-error repairs. There’s a lot of people out there who can’t afford shop rates. Yeah, it’s mostly men who work on their own cars, but still.

First I’m going to remove it and change the gasket on it. I remember I dropped the new gasket that I had bought for it, and I had to reuse the old one. That could have a lot to do with it. It could be stuck open, too. We’ll see. That’ll be my little project tomorrow. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll drive it over to the auto store and see if I can get them to hook up their machine. 

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