Food for thought

Talk is cheap. Pay attention to actions and behaviors instead.

Don’t give someone the power to control your emotions. Work on giving yourself the power first. Those who are worthy enough will only enhance your well being.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Learn to love yourself first.

Don’t wait for the right opportunity to come along. Fear cripples destiny.

Trust your intuition. It’s the most rarest gift of all.

Learn to be in a relationship without being co-dependent. This creates an environment that has no room for manipulation, control, jealousy, or unhealthy attachment. You are both free to leave but choose to stay.

Accept who you are. Good or bad. That’s the first step. Now learn how to use those qualities to become the most authentic version of yourself.

Don’t chase happiness. Learn to create happiness within.

Looking for someone to make you happy is a winding road to unhappiness. These type of people will forever endure countless heartache.

Take off your mask. Show me the real you.

Most forget we are spiritual beings experiencing a human life.

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