White Day serenity

I feel relaxed today. Truly, this day is rare and it is a great gift from God.

           I received chocolate from the guy that I admire this lunchtime. He knocked on my door to give me the chocolates and a friendly letter. I gave him chocolates last Valentines day. Today is White Day, and  I appreciate his thoughtfulness of remembering me on a White day. 

            He and I are NOT in a romantic relationship, and there is no “label” about what we are, but I did let him know before, that I like him. I do care for him. I am glad he did not ignore me as his admirer, although I was questioning before about why he placed me in his “friend zone”.

               I also questioned what’s his real gender . But anyway, whatever his gender is, I still like him.  Our relationship are like”mirrors and best of friends”.  My stay here in this country is only temporary, and he will also be starting his bachelors education soon, so we will stay as best of friends. 

               People in our lives do come and leave, and they (or your own self)  could  change. Acceptance of this fact is the key to avoid negative emotions whenever we go on with our separate lives. 

                My parents will be arriving soon. I am glad they will be present in my graduation. I have to prepare many things before they arrive. These are the things I am doing nowadays (this time, they are not related to academics). 

                 I will return to serve and work in my own country soon. This will be another big transition in my life (after 3 years of studying here), and I feel like I do not have to worry that much, because God will always be guiding my path.

                 My friend have visited me today, because she will be transferring soon to my neighbouring room in this dormitory.  She requested if she could put her things in my room for the meantime, and I told her yes she can place it here. 

                 I saw the guy that I admire in the living room of the dormitory today, while I was accompanying my friend to the convenience store. 

                 Tomorrow I will go to the city hall to file some papers.

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  1. I am glad to hear you say you know God will guide you in life. Your faith is admirable. I hope you have a wonderful graduation, and a wonderful life! God bless.

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