Snow day… or not

When you live in Canada – specially the maritimes. The winters are unpredictable. It can be +10 C one day and -35 C the next day. You can have rain or snow and lots it too. But the good thing about the snow sometimes is that you may get a snow day out of it. But not this winter! I feel like I’m being ripped off. This winter has been different and weird for sure. December started off by cold. -20 to -30 c for a few weeks. Then we had some snow and rain which melted everything. More snow and then more rain. February was mild. Mostly rain. This is really unusually for this time of the year. I live in the southern of New- Brunswick and it is usually  milder then northern of New-Brunswick where i am originally from. But anyways, last night we had a storm and when i woke up at 5:45 this morning full of hope that maybe we would have a snow day or even a few hours delayed opening, I looked outside only to find out the storm was over with. At that point I had a feeling my office would be open. I work for 7am and we have a storm line that gets updated in case we are closed. That storm line is normally updated at 6:30am. I called, nothing. I checked online to see if the city bus were running because we normally close if they are not running. Yep, still running. I checked on facebook to see if anyone shared anything and nope. Nothing at all. So then i got dressed and went outside to clean off my car. Came back inside and called again at 6:40, you know just in case and nothing! So I kissed my fiance and my dogs good bye and left for work.  I live pretty close to my work. Usually takes me about 5 mins if i get all the green lights. And today was odd because there was no traffic at all. I was the only one on the road pretty much. A slippery and slushy road too. Then i got to my parking lot and my coworker was waiting for me. So we walked to work together (we park about 5 mins walking from work and its kinda a sketchy neighborhood so we always wait for one another so we can walk together). When we got to work, we found out that the employees line had been updated at 6:55pm and that we were delayed opening until 10am! No point for me to walk back to my car, and drive home just to back again. So we are not really happy right now. I wish they would come up with a better system for people who work early or people driving from out of town to get to work. I emailed my team leader asking what he can do for us. Most people are getting paid to be at home right now while I am at work being ripped off of a few hours of snow day. Arg! 

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