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      I welcome you to my thoughts or at least trying to. For your information I’m new to this so…. I’m not so experienced with this which is okay. Just an average teen here trying to figure herself out before the real world, since that’s what everyone says. I don’t know about you guys but I feel that school does some things that are completely hopeless. For example, they sure talk about passing a certain test like a ACT will help you with the real world. However, let me tell you this it’s only preparing you for a job you want to go, the school you want to go and for the future that might be used possibly. In fact, no one usually remembers what they taken after the test in a few years. My point is I feel that every school should have an class or optional class where they discuss about tax, insurance and what insurance company is safe to use etc.. Okay did I just got a little political here? Wow! I’m usually not like that. Anyways thanks for reading! 🙂

– O.M Rowland

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