[221.1] ~*Thu – 03/15/18*~

[9:02 pm]

Gosh, the time is going by way too fast. I can’t believe it’s already 9 o’clock and also that I managed not to fall asleep as I was so very tired earlier. I had planned on doing the dishes tonight and putting away the laundry which I don’t really feel like doing anymore but I will try my hardest to do or I will get too behind in things. My head hurts so much from all the mucus puking I’ve been doing today. I can’t believe that even after puking all of what I’ve puked, my throat is still full. I want it gone, gone, gone. Blah!

I made my last client laugh cause I told her the weather was being bipolar today. (I kinda wanted to make the comment to the client I had before her but didn’t know how she would take it as she is bipolar so I decided to shush which was prob a good call.) It totally is! One minute it’s super nice and sunny and the next minute it’s snowing like a storm. It’s been like that all day, it’s been going back and forth, the snow just starts and ends so quickly. I’ve never seen that before, it’s unbelievable.  

So I’ve just watched the last episode of The Fosters and gosh was it ever sad. I felt like I didn’t wanted the episode to ever end.

Anyways, I can feel myself getting tired again so I should prob get going with the dishes and the laundry if I want to get that done tonight.


[9:34 pm]

Dishes and laundry is done. Now my chest hurts and I’m out of breath which I’m sure this isn’t normal from just putting a basket of laundry away and doing a few dishes.

I did the grocery earlier today and bought some Karma water which is full of vitamins so I’m drinking that right now. Maybe it will help. Who knows!




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