3/14/18 — me and the boys

Today was going to be a pretty average day. I would lay in bed half of the day, then head to the mall and go home when it closes. Play a few games of Pump to give me some exercise. Maybe chill with a friend or two. What I got instead was a long-ass walk from one side of town to the other, which, by car takes roughly five to ten minutes, but on foot it was close to two hours.

I was summoned to the mall by my friend Marissa, and I hung out with her and her boyfriend Alvin before she went to work. After we parted ways I went to the arcade to play a few games of Pump. I saw the strangest sight: my ex boyfriend Turner and my ex-roommate Christian playing Pump together. Oooookaayyyy. Preston was there as well. 

Turner, my ex boyfriend, is pretty much an asshole, but we’re still friends I guess. I like being around him because I like looking at him and I like hearing the way he talks, but other than that sometimes he just pisses me off. Maybe it’s because he, oh I don’t know, accused me of forcing him to suck my dick to our friends. He’s also announced that he is now straight. Yeah, uh-huh. But you know what? I’ll let that go. Preston is a good friend of mine. I mentioned him in a couple journals. Spent two nights at his house recently. Not much to say about him. Christian is one of my best friends ever as well as an ex roommate of mine. I let him stay at my apartment despite my dad and his girlfriend not liking that at all. What else was I supposed to do? He was homeless at the time and my heart’s too big to have let him sleep on the streets. He’s also the ex boyfriend of Marissa. Being best friends with two exes who have a tough history is the worst thing in the world.

So it was the four of us at the mall. Eventually Christian and Preston were ready to leave and bike their way towards where Chris and his mom are currently living. Turner, having to head that way anyway, decided to tag along. So Christian and Preston were forced to walk their bikes the whole way there instead. I figured, if all three of them were heading in that direction, I might as well tag along. I’ll admit, I would be jealous if these three guys were hanging out without me there. I’m jealous if I hear that just Christian and Preston are together without me. I hate that about myself. 

The walk was very tedious. I had walked that way several times before. The very first time I’d ever smoked weed. Walking to Turner’s house. Walking to Christian’s house a few times. I knew the way there, but I have such a terrible sense of direction that I can never figure out the way back. Which is why I always have to be walking with someone in order to get from one side of town to the other. Once I stop focusing on my location, and then try to figure out where I am, I’m completely lost. Like, I know where I am, I just can’t imagine in my head where to go from there. 

And this is why I could never start driving. 

It was interesting being around these three all at the same time. An ex boyfriend who I’ve liked since I was twelve, Preston who I had a small little crush on for a little while, and then Christian who I flat out told that I was in love with him a while back. Thankfully we’re still friends to this day and I didn’t weird him out too much.

So me and the boys walked from the mall on the west side of town all the way to the east side. Turner eventually parted ways with us. I was glad to see him go. He was honestly pissing me off for most of the walk. Cracking a bunch of jokes directed at me. Turner had told Preston a lot of stuff about the things me and him did. But I also told Christian about some of the same stuff plus some other things. So we kept going back and forth cracking jokes. Him mentioning how my dick is curved to the left, me mentioning how Turner called me daddy…yes, you read that correctly. Ugh. Anyways, he was pissing me off so much. 

There was one point when we were in front of a Burger King that he acted like he was going to slap me, I grabbed his wrist to push him away, then he really went to slap me, and basically we both grabbed onto each other, if this would have gone on any further we would have gotten into a fight because honestly I would have smacked the fuck out of him. I was close to strangling him. Thankfully Christian intervened. Thankfully Turner didn’t stick around much longer.

We got to the apartment Christian’s staying at. It’s him, his mom, her boyfriend, their dog, and two other people who I’ve already forgotten the names of. It’s a crappy one-bedroom apartment. Christian’s mom and her boyfriend have the only bed in the place, the two others have a shitty air mattress, and Christian has a recliner to sleep on. Despite the small space, I’d still want to sleep there again. Christian’s mom really wants me to spend another night sometime soon. Hopefully a night they have alcohol or weed or both. I definitely don’t want to be sober when I’m there.

My dad picked me up from there and brought me home. Now I’m in bed typing this. Marcus texted me earlier. Apparently his brother’s out of town and his mom will be taking care of his sister. So he’ll have the house to himself. And he wants me to come over. I’m pretty excited. Hopefully he doesn’t back out of this, or make up an excuse for me not to go. I’ve been horny lately and I need someone to fool around with. 

Anyways, goodnight, journal.

10:36 PM

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