Hating myself

Everything is going to fall apart. A little bit ago, i joined tinder. I️ was looking for casual hookups, something I’ve done before. A few days ago, I️ started messaging this guy, I️ thought we’d hook up and never talk again. There’s one problem, he’s amazing! We met up a couple days ago and we click so well! He’s genuinely interested and attracted to me, we shared laughs for hours and hours without a dull moment. Why is this a problem? I’m only 15…he’s 22. I’m so fucked. I️ don’t want to lose him but I’m pretty sure if I️ tell him, he won’t want to be with me. Even if he did want to be with me, he’d probably never trust me again for lying about my age. Even if he understood THAT, he’d have to think about getting arrested, since I️ technically can’t give him consent for another two months. I️ shouldn’t have done this. I️ don’t want to hurt him  

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