Rainy Days

I feel so happy today. 

It’s probably because my exams are almost over with only my literature paper left, but mostly because it’s raining.

Ahh, it’s raining! I’m grinning so hard while writing this because it hardly ever rains here. I’m sitting by the window just surrounded by the sound of rain and petrichor, with James Bay playing in my ears. Ah, bliss. I’m actually dreading summer because I just can’t deal with the scorching heat.

I’ve decided that I have to start hitting the gym from monday because I’m just always inside my room eating, studying and watching videos on YouTube. I’ve also been slacking on meditating and yoga.

I’m just waiting to get done with English so that I can get my shit together. 

I went to the mall with my mom yesterday and I ended up buying a couple of clothes.Gosh, I missed Forever 21 and Zara.My friend’s birthday is coming up this week and I bought her this really cute locket. I’m just waiting to hang out with my friends and go to the movies after exams since I feel lonely af and I’m sick of just texting them.

I watched Me Before You and bawled my eyes out today. I’ve also been reading a lot of Harry Potter fanfics and just can’t stop. Also I’ve been feeling so damn hungry today. Like I’m eating and eating and eating some more, so I’ll go and make some green tea now.

Rain makes me so happy *sighs*




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