[222] ~*Fri – 03/16/18*~

[10:18 pm]

Last night was super harsh, I couldn’t stop puking mucus. I’ve puked like 5-6 times when it’s normally two. Even after all that puking, my throat wasn’t clear. 

Today, my eyes are suffering from all the puking. My head hurts and I feel so much pressure behind my eyes. They can’t seem to be able to stay totally open, I’m squinting and one is jumpy. I’m not even sure I should of been driving cause I just had a very hard time with them. I just want to be better.

My day was a bit harsh cause I felt like I needed to puke all day but couldn’t cause I was working. I got home and made myself something to eat and of course I had to puke right after. Seems to be the thing, I eat and puke right after although I don’t puke anything else beside the mucus. But this puking gotta stop cause it’s killing me. I’m drained and always have a headache. 

This is just so damn great. I was writing this entry and had to stop to go puke some more. I’m so very tired of this, I can’t say it enough. All the muscles in my face hurts from it. Can this really be normal?! I can’t believe nothing came up when I went to the ER and that nothing more was given to me. I want to stay positive but I just don’t know anymore. This just seems to be too much.

Anyways, I got my car back. Can’t believe it only took a day to get it fix. We basically got that rental truck for nothing cause hub drove it here, parked it and drove it back to the rental place today. That said, we didn’t have to put any gas in it so that’s good. I didn’t really check out my car when I got home from work cause I was just too tired and it was dark. I could smell the paint thought so I can only imagine in the car. I doubt I will take it for work tomorrow cause of the smell. I’m just glad it’s done and hopefully I won’t have to bring it back to the doc for a while. Seems that me and the car are always sick. Hehe!

Hub didn’t go to work tonight. He said he didn’t feel well. Pfft! I don’t know if it’s true or just an excuse not to go to work cause he didn’t sleep. I just hope he doesn’t get sick cause I’m currently sick for the two of us. I told him that if he wasn’t going to work he had to go straight back to bed, no PC. I’m almost tempted to put a password on his PC so he doesn’t get up in the middle of the night and go on it. I also asked of him to do the suggies kitchen before going back to bed as he hadn’t done it and he did it. I’m so exhausted that I don’t even want to feed the suggies and it doesn’t take that long.

I’d want to keep watching shows right now cause I’m behind but I think I might just go to bed cause my head just hurts that bad.




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