Ian’s attitude has been a complete turn around since yesterday when we decided we were officially a couple.  Neither one of us has really felt like talking much.  We’re both feeling a bit run down.  We went for him to donate plasma but the line was too long.  He’s out of cigarettes and beer.  Wednesday night he was pissed and drunk which wasn’t good.  He’s had a little  bit of a grin on his face all day and he’s been sweet as hell.  I can’t help but feel he felt at odds because we really weren’t officially in  a relationship.  I asked and he said yes…..we’re living together and not dating anyone else was his reasoning.  I can’t help but feel maybe that I’ve effected him a great deal. He’d already admitted he really cared a lot about me and wanted us to go long term Wednesday night while were fighting.  I think maybe he had a little niggling fear that I was going to pick up and take off again.  We both said things Wednesday we shouldn’t have.  But he did say a lot to me about how he felt about us and wanting us to stay together.  When I compliment him on being sweet to me he tells me its because the gal he’s with and sex is great and again it’s because the gal he’s with.  Maybe us being officially a couple will settle him down.  Only time will tell at this point.  I still can pack up and walk away on the third of next month.  Although I do want to wait until he gets on his feet.  We’ll see.  A friend who is empathic like me said he felt good about this happening.  I hope he’s right.  He’s a newbe to the abilities and just really discovering them.  He’s really good.  I’ve encouraged him to find someone local that can help him develop his abilities and learn to  control them.  I didn’t and it almost cost me my life.  Ian doesn’t believe in all this shit but is willing to learn about my beliefs.  He’s going with me to a circle celebration Sunday evening.  We will be celebrating with a group of Druids.  I don’t know what to expect because I don’t know much about the Druid faith. 

Ian has been a whole different person after we decided to be a couple.  I pray to the gods that it will keep up.  I think maybe part of the reason Ian didn’t stay is because he would get some beer and get drunk again and I really would leave for good this time.  Usually when he’s drunk he’s quiet and sleeps a lot.

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