Pieces of Me

Loving isn’t easy. As we walk through life we give our love to the ones that deserve it and the ones who don’t. Love is one of the most complex things about the human experience and people spend an entire lifetime searching. With many things that are complex, their levels that add to its complexity. It’s the unconditional love that we give to our family members. It’s the love that we give to a person who was once a stranger who’s now your best friend.  It’s the love that we give to someone you meet at the right time and they set your world on fire. The complexities of love don’t have much to do with finally obtaining the love itself but it’s the journey. The problem that many people have with love is the pain that often follows after years of searching never truly goes away. Which brings me back to how I started, loving isn’t easy. Think about how many people you’ve loved that you now barely speak to. Think about the individuals who you love that are far away. Think about the love you have for that boy/girl that you can’t have. Think about the broken relationships with individuals you thought would last forever. Now ask yourself, does that love ever truly go away? We move around this earth giving person after person love whether big or small.  When we do this we give them a piece of ourselves. Piece by piece we give them the wall we’ve spent a lot of time building. The wall we built to protect us from an individual that’s out to do us harm. With each piece, we give the more vulnerable it makes us to the next person. We lose hope that love is even possible, but deep down inside we still search.

We wrongly love with our eyes and not with our hearts. We look pass who our heart tells us to love and instead our eyes convince our brain to tell our heart who we think we love. The reason many people relationships end with heartbreak is that we allow physical attraction to dictate the love you deserve. In my opinion, an attraction is often times measured wrong. For example, many of us have seen a couple and asked “ what do they see in insert” we’re basing this solely on looks. Which is often mistake number one. They’re doing what most people fail to do. Loving from outside in rather than the inside out. Yeah, we have features that make us not attractive to some and we have the features that make us attractive to someone. Loving someone is choosing to look past the physical flaws and embracing how the person from within. I’ve always told myself that I’d rather choose a woman that I’m 0.1% attracted to physically but 99% attracted to as a person over a person that I’m 99% attracted to physically but 0.1% attracted to as a person.  Love is a combination of the small things that build into bigger things. Looks fade but love doesn’t and until you as a person look at the complete spectrum of what love is and who provides it you’ll forever search.

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