still official

I’m so happy still that Ian wants to be called my boyfriend.  And oh was he happy too yesterday afternoon and last night.  We both talked and laughed constantly.  We even made love a second time last night.  But I’m still scared.  I want to pack up and run.  I want to snoop in his phone again and see what he’s told the bitch, if he told her anything.  They hadn’t been communicating much the last time I checked.  His phone has a short in it and the programs are popping up and down like crazy.  I’m afraid to touch it.  I know there’s a way to hack it and get the texts but I don’t know how.  I keep digging around on the internet looking for a program to  help me hack into the texts but I can’t find one.  I know a few hackers that could hack it but I’m not going to involve them in this.  I wish I had the extra money so I could go online to a spy shop and get this shit I need to track both our  cars and get what I need to pull the texts off his phone.

He is absolutely adorable when he first wakes up.

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