[223.1] ~*Sat – 03/17/18*~

[10:47 pm]

Fuck! I have a ball of mucus in my throat and I just can’t get rid of it at all. I’m trying to work it out so I can puke it but all I end up doing is actually puking as I’m going too deep. I don’t know what’s wrong, I can’t just get the mucus tonight. My eyes are so damn sore. I just want to sleep until I’m better. This is just too damn much.

Hub is such a darn baby. Earlier today when I came home for a nap between clients, I told him that he could go to work at his regular time tonight instead of doing his extra hours so he could sleep. Of course when I got home from work, he was on the PC playing his game and not even sleeping. I asked him why he wasn’t going to work earlier tonight since he was up and he responded “Cause you told my I could go later tonight”. Blah him! I meant for him to go later if he was still sleepy, not playing on the PC. What am I gonna do with that man?!

Gosh this maple beef jerky I bought at the farmers market is so damn delicious. I find jerky expensive but it’s worth every dollar. I wish I had more, I just ate my whole bag. I have another one that I am so tempted to eat as well but I bought it for hub.

I hate how my mind is always focused on something and can’t let it go. For a few days it was all about worrying about my lawn where I’ve been destroying it by parking on it while it’s been nice outside and playing in the mud. Now, my car. They washed my car so now you can clearly see all those spots where the paint is peeling and it’s driving me crazy. I just want them all fix. I’ve told hub to call the guy that did the wheel wells to see how much it would cost. Depending on the price, I might get it done cause now it’s driving me crazy. I really hate how I am. I can never just be, I always have to “worry” about something. The ground is now covered in snow so I don’t see the mess I made where I parked the car so I’m not thinking about it so I had to find something else to think about so, my car it is. Arg! And what ever I think about, I just want it fix right at this moment and it can never be done. Like my lawn, I obviously can’t fix it now since it’s not spring yet so I don’t even know why I worry about it. My car, I can’t call the body shop now for an estimate cause it’s the weekend but I want it now. I kinda wanted to ask where we just took the car to get it fix to see how much it would cost there and maybe have it done at the same time they were doing the other work but decided it was prob gonna be too expensive at that place. I thought I’d let it go but like I said, now that my car isn’t full of dirt, all my attention is on those spots. Worse part, they are basically all on the driver side so of course it’s the side I always see, the passenger side isn’t that bad. Blah! I always seem to just worry about silly things that shouldn’t take all this worrying time. It’s like, I can’t relax. When life is too good, I need to find something to “stress” about. I can’t seem to function when there’s nothing to stress over.

Beside all this, we went to see Tomb Raider which was pretty good. I’m pretty sure I saw the first one that was made but I don’t really recall. All I remember is that it was Angelina Jolie that played Lara. I was sorta tired so I closed my eyes a few times but managed not to fall asleep although it got pretty close.

Well, it’s getting super late super fast so I should finish the episode I’m currently watching and head to bed if I want to read a bit before sleeping. I’m still behind on shows and not sure I’ll be able to catch up the way I’m going. I so don’t want to work at the store tomorrow cause of how I feel so I hope it goes super fast like it’s been going for the past few weeks.




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