Hot Glue Sticks

The multi-temp hot glue sticks offer a perfect adhesive for bonding crafts, do-it-yourself projects or lightweight fabrics.

A pack of 50 – 100 all-purpose mini-glue sticks at 4-inches in length retails in the region of $7.99 – these sticks are perfect for metal, cardboard, fabric, paper, leather, ceramic, woodwork, or plastic applications. In addition, these sticks offer an ability to set in 60-seconds to solidify quickly for an efficient hold – and works on most non-porous and porous materials. A standard pack of 12 – 24 sticks at 10 to 12-inches retails at $5.95 – $26.95.

Clear glue sticks offer a softening point starting at 178 – 200° F for a nice thick flow, and an open time of 40 – 60-seconds to bond components.

Colored glue sticks, in such common shades as black, tan, blue, caramel, forest green, ivory, lavender, or copper metallic all dry in the same color as the stick, which can be preferable to complement a particular application. Although, if an invisible bond is desired, transparent sticks will be a more favorable choice.

If shopping for colored or clear glue sticks, it is often a benefit to purchase a quality or well-known brand, which offers a consistent, and thick flowing glue for a solid bond. Some of the low-cost sticks found at a local craft store can be lacking in strength, appear watery, and could result in burnt skin form squirting liquid.

All-purpose glue gun sticks are ideal for everyday gluing to craft-projects; work with either a low, high or dual-temperature glue applicator, and offer a quick, efficient bond in seconds.

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