Nothing much to say..

Another relaxing Saturday morning. Waiting for my future hubby to wake up so we can have breakfast together. I got to sleep in until 8! Mark that one in the calendar. Only because my fiance and I went to play some pool last night and i went to bed later than I normally do. Diesel let me sleep too. Diesel is my 9 months old Valley Bulldog. He is use to wake up early with me during the week and eat his breakfast. So on the weekends, he usually gets restless between 6 and 7 in the morning for his food. I could always go back to bed afterwards but since I am already up, might as well get the coffee going. 
I am pretty excited for the summer. I looooove summer! The hotter, the better! I can’t stand the cold and the snow. And it gets cold here in New-Brunswick. I was chatting with my oldest sister the other day, and she mentioned how she would like to rent a cottage for a few days this summer. So after talking with my fiance, we decided to go ahead. It was hard to find one that would rent by days only instead of weekly and would allow 3 dogs but I managed to find one. Such a beautiful spot too. Its about an hour from where I live and its on a lake. So we have it for 3 nights. I cannot wait! Happy saturday everyone! 

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