The saga continues

I slept with L last night.

I told him I was on my period but he wasn’t bothered. He has kids, go figure. Despite this, he went down on me for at least an hour, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much attention. The jokes on me though because I am so sore I don’t think I can have sex again right now.

I really need to stop having sex in cars. In all honesty, he did suggest a hotel, but we couldn’t check in until 11P.M. and I wasn’t sure if P would turn up after his night.

He smelt so good. He also pulled me over the seat afterwards on top of him for a cuddle, appreciated as he has really nice arms.

He said he’d definitely want to see me again, obviously, and telling me he couldn’t believe my boyfriend didn’t look after me. He also started suggesting ways we could stay out all night next time.

He sent me a message after I got back asking if I had a good time. I told him I had no complaints and he laughed and said he hoped I got better than that, considering it was sort of rushed.

S had already cancelled on our morning coffee plans, I’m not sure whether that was because I let him know that I was on. He said it wasn’t and that he had been looking forward to it. The only reason we were able to arrange it was because he was supposed to be at work but it had been called off. So I don’t know if it’ll happen anytime soon.

I sent S a snap in bed the next day, when we would have been having coffee, saying that I hoped he had a good morning and he replied ‘you too gorgeous’. I didn’t reply so he wrote again asking if I had a good evening. I said yes and asked him about his to which he exclaimed had been boring.

I told him he could always talk to me and his response was, “Bit difficult when I have a hawk on my shoulder… besides would be selfish of me to want you all to myself… especially when I can’t commit as much as I would like.”

I told him I knew but that L talking to me all day every day just made me want to see him instead.

“He said he was going to see you last night… It shouldn’t bother me… as long as we are all open about it I’m sure we could all have lots of fun.”

Again I told him that I knew he knew and that I was a little worried to ask if it bothered him. I also added that I hoped it didn’t make him think less of me because it wasn’t something I had done before.

I don’t know why but although I really do like them both a lot, I really rather care about S’s feelings and what he thinks of me.

“It’s ok. He’s my best friend and like to think you are too… “

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