18/03/2018 Sunday Pt-2

Having hard time to committ to writing these days. Its probably also because my routine is always the same. Same old feelings, same old life. I try harder everyday to feel at my best but never succeed. 

Today was a rollercoaster, again!!…I felt a lot of things especially, Anger! 

I’m just angry today.  I could easily  pick a fight with people for just looking at me. Sounds crazy but thats how I felt all day, mostly. I would not necessarily have acted on these feelings though. 

I noticed I have put on some weight now because of qutting smoking. I was always slender but I like the ‘Chubby ME’ too. Almost 6 months since I quit. I still get strong cravings at times though! Sucks big time. I never want to go back to that nasty habit again. 

He has been sending me emails again one of them with nothing but “I miss you.  I’ve blocked him everywhere, I even changed my phone number and now he is sending me emails!  What in the hell!! I’m getting tired of this. He is nothing but an attention seeking whore! He can’t accept the fact that I’m slowly getting over him. I thought of replying to his emails with insults but again I thought that’s what he wants! I’m just going to ignore all this.. I Still love him though! I would still Fuck him too, I don’t know, may be!

He is gorgeous!

What’s wrong with me! 

NOPE!!! Not happening ever! 

Tomorrow’s going to be a new day although the morning is going to suck. I hate mornings. Thats when the anxiety and depression hits me the hardest. 

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