[224.1] ~*Sun – 03/18/18*~

[10:29 pm]

I’m not too sure how but I managed to survive the day. I woke up this morning and I really didn’t wanted to go to work. Hub keeps telling me to call in sick but I just can’t, especially at the store, I can’t really call myself sick. I had decided that I would text the manager to see if someone could replace me. I went to the store super early and had this long ass text written down but I never sent it to her. I decided to try and work and it wasn’t too bad. 

There is still something in my throat but it’s kinda weird. It’s like not totally in my throat per say but more like at the end of the nasal part. It’s still suffocating me and I have a hard time breathing when I swallow. I tried puking earlier but couldn’t. I think the reason why I was puking a lot was because of the antibiotics. It was prob loosening my mucus and I was able to puke it. Right now I’m done with the antibiotics so the mucus just seem to stick and I can’t bring it up. If I try, I just end up really puking cause I go too deep. I think I might have to go to the clinic and see if they can give me more antibiotics so I can keep puking the darn mucus. At least my head and eyes seems to be feeling a little better today.

The day went by fairly quick as I was busy all day. I didn’t think we would manage to clean the store but the staff I had sorta did which I’m very proud of. It wasn’t a 100% but it didn’t look bad compared to what it was.

I just took a nice bath and I could almost go to bed right now. I want to watch the two shows I have left before going as I want to be all caught up for the week. I can sleep in tomorrow morning as my first client already cancelled last week cause she needed the time somewhere else. I kinda would want to wake up to go to the brunch but we all know I won’t wake up any earlier than I need too. I’m also not working at the store tomorrow so that’s nice.

It’s my lil one Bday’s on Apr 1st and I kinda want to surprise her and go see her. I’m off that day cause it’s Easter so hub will ask tonight if he can have the day off. If he can have it off, I will more than likely ask for the Mon off so we can spend the night.

Hub will now be salaried at his job and it’s scaring me a little. I’m scared that he will be losing instead of gaining since right now he got his vacation pay each paycheck and that will go away. He’s saying that he should be making more but I’m not totally sure about that. I guess there’s nothing I can do about it beside wait and see what his paycheck will be. At least his vacation time will now be paid so that will help when we take vacation as we were both without pays when we’d go on vacation. He’s also getting an extra week of vacation so I need to figure out when to take it. I wanted to take it in the summer with my mom but I don’t think she wants to take a whole week so I’m just gonna take a few days off when ever we go camping with her. I’m just not sure when we should be taking the extra time. Hub said he could always take a day here and there.

Gaw! I really want to go puke right now to try to clear my throat but I have a feeling I won’t be successful just like earlier. Sad to say but I think I need more drugs. I won’t wait till I see my doc cause then I would have to kinda start all the way back to zero, I better try to go to the clinic tomorrow night or Tue at worse.

Anyways, it’s getting late and even if I can sleep in tomorrow I’d still like to get extra sleep so I better watch those two shows now.




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