[224] ~*Sun – 03/18/18*~

[12:30 am]

If I’m being honest, I’m sorta scared to sleep right now. I just had to puke almost and hour ago and then I started having a hard time with my breathing. My head and my eyes hurts so much. I was crying and it wasn’t helping my breathing. I couldn’t calm down but I finally did. I’m still getting super scared with this. This isn’t normal, there got to be something wrong with me. I’m so scared that I almost don’t want to sleep in our bed in case something happens to me while I sleep. This is how scared I am getting with all this. I just can’t do it anymore, I’m so exhausted. I got to get better and I don’t know how to.

I want to read but it’s already so late. I don’t want to work at the store tomorrow, I just don’t. If it was earlier I’d call the manager to say I can’t do it but it’s too late. I already know I will be super tired tomorrow morning cause of all this. Maybe I should take some time off?! I just feel that even if I do take time off, it won’t change a darn thing. The way it’s going I might not be able to wait till the 27th to see my doc but I already know that nothing will be done for my situation as I went to the freaking ER and nothing was done. I just don’t understand. 

I think I’m too worried to sleep right now even if I’m super tired. I will take my pill and read. I just hope so hard that tomorrow I will be better.




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