He was going to go with me to the circle celebration tonight but he’s backed out.  And insisting that I go alone.  I really don’t want to go because my  arthritis is hurting but he’s insisting I go alone.  I guess I’m going to go sit in my car somewhere for 2 hours.  I guess this is his way of getting rid of me for a couple of hours to probably have that bitch come here and meet him while I’m gone.

To top it all off a guy that I meet 2 months ago has been sending me messages on KIK that he’s in love with me and wants to be with me.  I made the mistake of asking Ian to get rid of him by telling him he’s my boyfriend and leave me the hell alone.  Instead he’s stringing the guy along  thinking I’m meeting in Bernalillo at a casino for sex.  I’m never going to get rid of the jerk.  He kept contacting me wanting sex after I got with Ian and he just won’t let go.  Now I’m stuck with him for good.  He’ll just keep it up.

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