first of many

    Well just started not sure where to begin. I’m trying to get a better future for my lil family. I so want to do what is right but sometimes I really feel like giving up. I’m so close now though. I used to love to go to my current job but now I really am beginning to hate it there. I feel like there is something wrong with me.

      I honestly do feel like there is something wrong with me. I do try to be sexy and look good for my husband. Tell him and show him I want him, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in me like that anymore. I love him so much but feel like I’m just going through this part of our marriage alone. He doesn’t seem to care about my needs there. We have a good relationship, hardly fight or argue anymore but this part bothers me. When I say something about it he just says I am trying to start arguing. That’s not the case….

       oh well what can I do? I am going to school to become a medical assistant and plan on going farther to get better jobs and options. I keep house and work full time. We have a big boy baby dog. I cant have kids so he is my son and love him more than he knows. I’m so ready to have a normal life not working all the time for little money and to put up with all these kids.. ugh!!

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