I survived you

I’m sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, my family have spent the majority of the day together but now I’m just about to watch some rugby league with my husband. Dinner is cooked and the teenagers are content doing their own thing.

We have had a good weekend, but you briefly popped into my brain today. I don’t know why because I have healed so much the last couple years. I suppose you pop in and out my thoughts all the time. The reason.. I’m not too sure, I suppose you hurt me so much as a child, even though I have healed so much, my mind will never be rid of you. My disgusting abusive step father. I hate you, I fear you. I am so glad you no longer live amongst the living. But that will be a different journal entry. 

Today I am spending this amazing day with my beautiful family, because I survived you, I refused to be your victim. 

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