Me, right now.

This photo perfectly describes how I feel right now and how so many people around me generally get their panties in a twist over small things. 


Went out drinking in the weekend. Got into a drunken argument with some who I consider a good friend. This was probably the first argument we have had. We are both very opinionated and we both like to have our opinions heard. But I can easily move passed this and move forward because I understand that we are not going to agree on everything and for me that’s ok. That doesn’t mean that my opinion is better or more important than hers and vice versa. 

The next morning in my mind, I was all good, no big deal, shit happens and in the grand scheme of things this silly argument means nothing. But I did learn something and that is what topics to avoid or to just listen and not give my thoughts as I know the reaction I could get. 

I can’t help but feel that even though I’m all good with everything, this friendship has now changed… Hopefully for the better.

Kindest, compassion and respect are important.

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