Guess I’m hiding out in the parkinglot for a couple of hours.   Ian apparently doesn’t care that I can’t see well enough to drive after dark to drive me to the circle celebration that he told me he wanted to go with me to.   I’m going to sit here and watch the bitch come. In and confront him and put both of them out. I can’t believe he’s doing this to me.   Maybe I should just go the night to the shelter and not come home.   He wants to be alone that bad or with that bitch so bad they can have each other!!  He sure seems like he doesn’t want me.  I should contact Dave and meet him since I can’t get rid of him. 

And in the mean time I’m stuck sitting iny car out in the cold for the next 2 hours while that asshole gets to sit in my nice warm room.

He went to McDonald’s and didn’t want me to go with him. He’s slipping away and there’s nothing I can do.   He got mad when he found out I’d been sitting in the parking lot with misplace else to go.   I snuck a beer and I’m drinking it in the car.  Maybe I can get arrested for dui since the shelters are full tonight and I can’t go home.  It’s going to be so cold out tonight.   It’s already 41 degrees out and it’s barely 7 pm. I feel so unwanted.  He misses his alone time so much he asked me to leave.   I was right…. If my own parents don’t want me how can I expect a stranger to.   My ex-husband didn’t want me and when I finally find someone who I thought wanted a relationship with me wants to be away from me too.   He even had the nerve to tell me this morning that he was glad he met me.   What a load of shit.

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