[225] ~*Mon – 03/19/18*~

[8:54 pm]

Dang! I just checked my list of shows that I watch to see if any of them had started recently and there’s like three that started a few weeks ago and I had no idea. My list is already long enough and now I need to catch up on those. I used to only watch a show at the end of the season so then I would just watch it all at once but for some reason I started watching it as it came out. Well, I started that cause a few shows I’d watch, some friends would watch as they came out and would want to talk about it and I’d always have to tell them to shut up cause I was waiting for the end of the season to start watching so yea.. made me start watching it as it got out so they could talk about it in front of me. There’s just too many shows playing all at once. It’s sometime hard to keep up with it. I’m glad I have a spreadsheet. Haha! I still have Desperate Housewives that I am watching on the side when I’m all caught up and don’t have anything to watch but lately I haven’t been able to watch that show as I was behind on shows. I am all caught up right now but not anymore if I start watching the three shows that started without me realizing.

Anyways, I only had to work from 12 to 4 today so that was nice. I also took my car to work. I wasn’t too sure about it cause I didn’t know if it was still gonna smell of paint inside but it was fine. I’m just so weird. Every time my car gets major repair, I have mix feelings about it and it always take me a while before I want to drive it back. Like I said, I’m just weird.

I bought my lil one’s Bday gift today. $75 worth of Hatchimals. Toys are so freaking expensive. This is when I’m sorta glad I can’t have kids. These little toys are so cute thought. I’m worse than a kid. I mean, I obviously wasn’t buying it for myself but I took a lil while to decide which ones I wanted to buy cause they were all too cute and I couldn’t make up my mind on which one I found the cutest. Silly! I’m sure the lil one doesn’t care which one she gets as she doesn’t have any and wants some. But that’s me!

After I was done I went to the Casino with my friend. I played mom’s $20 but of course, I didn’t make anything. I can’t believe my luck. I was so lucky last year and this year, nothing at all. I was tempted to put some of my own money but I did good.

Last night I was thinking of going to the clinic tonight to see if I could get some more antibiotics but I decided not to go in the end cause I sorta feel better. I don’t want to say it too loud but I have some hope. It wasn’t totally awful last night but it was weird. I did end up puking some mucus and then my throat was just feeling weird. I can’t even explain. It wasn’t dry per say but it was just different. All the muscles in my face feels sore. I think I’m doing too much swallowing so it’s over working the muscles and maybe that was the feeling I had. I still have it today but not as bad. There’s still a ball in my throat but it’s getting smaller so that’s good. I shall see how I feel tomorrow. Like I said, I can still feel some mucus in my throat but it’s not totally bugging me to the point where I need to try to puke it. Maybe I am getting better after all.


[9:48 pm]

OMG! I just had to come and write cause I just watched the first episode of Lip Sync Battle, which I totally love, and it was amazing. It was a special tribute to Michael Jackson and it was awesome. Michael Jackson was just so damn amazing, so very talented. This episode just made me so damn happy that I had to come write about it.

By the end there was a lot of hatred toward Michael but people have to agree on one thing, he was quite an entertainer. He had such good music and I love watching him perform. When I hear his music, all I want to do is dance and be happy.

Side note, my cat is currently sleeping in my arms like a baby and she’s snoring. Soooo cute!!




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