A parents Job

What is a parents job? My definition of a parents job is a good balance of love and discipline. I love my kids so much, there is nothing a won’t do for them. I love spending time with them and I love the fact that my son is 19 and still tells me he loves me every day. Even in front of his friends. When they look at him weirdly like, dude you still tell your mum you love her, his response is “that’s my Mum man”. 

Today my son is a little annoyed with me because he lost his job two days ago. Well being a dole bludger is not on my list of careers for my children. When you lose your job in our family, you get up at 6am go job hunting, stop for lunch, keep job hunting until about 3pm-4pm. Every day until you find a job.  He always thanks me for pushing him though. Otherwise the xbox is just too enticing. After only 3 hours he has an interview. Some people call it Tough love, pfft.. well if that’s what tough love is I’m all for it. 

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