He’s been peeing in the bed off and on since we started seeing each other.    Well, last night he had an all time low.  He peed in the bag of cat food.  I’ve tried to scoop out all the contaminated food.  I hope I got it all.  Of course he denies it despite the floor around the food bag being wet.  He claims I pored something in it myself.  We don’t keep any liquids on the table where the food bag is.

He won’t even let me see him naked any more.   Part of yesterday we had a good day.  That is until he backed out of going to the circle celebration.  I told him I wasn’t going to go witho0ut him because I can’t see well at night to drive.  He didn’t care.  He asked me to leave for a couple of hours anyway.  So, I sat in the car in the parking lot and watched the door just to see if he did have the bitch come over.  He didn’t but I think he may have known I was still out there because I saw him drive through the parking lot just minutes after I left.  He may have known I was there and watching him.


I feel so stupid for trusting him.  I feel like a used up piece of trash.  My family threw me away years ago like a piece of trash.  Why should I expect a stranger to want me if my family doesn’t.

I tried to tell him what he did and he accused me of lying.  Now suddenly he’s worried about what I want.  He wont even look at me and he gets mad when I look at him.  He goes back and forth caring and not caring whether I leave or not.  I can’t leave and go sit in the car because the parking lot is crawling with cops.  Yeah, this place is safer than Value Place.  At least they didn’t have any need for cops in the parking lot at all hours.  I saw the cops one time at the other place and they were searching 2 cars and arrested 2 people and towed the cars.  Yep this place is real safe.  I wish I still had a gun.

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