Attention, attention! May I have all your eyes and ears…

In an attempt to actually sort of get to know S, I once again declined to meet him on a Tuesday morning… I know this isn’t how hooking up works but I’ve never really been somebody to follow rules. Additionally, this keeps P happy as I will see him instead, a bigger priority, and not to mention that I still really need more time to recover from Friday. I don’t know what he did but I couldn’t bear the thought of being touched again until maybe this morning.

S text me this the morning, “have a good day good looking” and asked about Tuesday… He then gave me some fake news about driving laws, but he probably believed it.

He text me again in the afternoon, very unusually, although only really to tell me that he was waiting around for the next place to open and that he wished I was there to help him pass the time. I somehow ended up mentioning that C wouldn’t be having a leaving party after all but that it was a good excuse for me to get the night alone. He seemed enthusiastic and said that we would have to arrange a date, to which I told him it would probably have to be Friday… fine.

While part of me was sort of hoping he had meant that he actually wanted to take me on a date… He actually sent me a photo of a restaurant, telling me that it looked nice. I wasn’t sure if it was a suggestion. Probably not. It had a funny name which I pointed out, maybe that put him off.

I later told him I’d googled the restaurant and that there was actually an interesting story behind the name. In addition to not being able to do Tuesday morning, but that Friday was fine.

He simply replied… “No probs, Friday it is” with an very happy emoticon. So evidently, in true fashion, I replied where there didn’t need to be a reply. I don’t deal well with lack of attention. Maybe I should have stuck at the theatre classes. Serves me right as I didn’t get a response the second time. Ha ha. Can I say awkward? It seems apt.

I am sure there are worse things than having a girl half your age interested in you. 

I’m not even entirely sure why I am so curious about him. Ok, I am. It is definitely the lack of attention. And the best friend line. Seriously, why?

This is new to me and I think I need some practice.

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